"SportsCenter" on Snapchat is a Thing Now

"SportsCenter" on Snapchat is a Thing Now


"SportsCenter" on Snapchat is a Thing Now

ESPN is debuting a SportsCenter show on Snapchat today, the company announced. The 3-5 minute offering will air twice daily on weekdays and once on the weekend. It is the “first ever daily sports show” on the platform, per the release.

The premiere episode will be hosted by Katie Nolan and a rotating stable of talent will be used going forward.

Though this hardly seems like the game-changer that will restore the show’s former glory, it is firm proof that ESPN is, at the very least, exploring new ways to boost the brand. Highlight shows have long struggled to gain a foothold because anyone can get those highlights on-demand via phone. Slapping the SportsCenter name — and attitude — on those highlights is an earnest attempt to address the problem.

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