Psycho Avery loses job; hot girlfriend next?

Psycho Avery loses job; hot girlfriend next?


Psycho Avery loses job; hot girlfriend next?

Yes, Sean Avery is certifiably crazy; but he also calls super hot actress Elisha Cuthbert his girlfriend, and for that, all his maniacal outbursts are forgiven.

By us.

Not by the Los Angeles Kings. It appears the Kings have cut ties with the psychotic Avery following his most recent volcanic eruption:

”… last week, King players were privately saying they had had enough after Avery’s obscenity-laced tirade at Brian Hayward, the Ducks’ color commentator.

A spokesman for the Kings said that while Avery was not suspended, he will not play in the final three games of the regular season or the Stanley Cup playoffs, should the team manage to qualify.

“We’re moving on without him,” the spokesman said. “We have informed Sean of this.”

Hate to break it to you, Sean, but this outburst will probably cost you that luscious piece of ass you’ve been waxing. She’s an actress, so Los Angeles is her home; what’s going to happen when you’re shipped to Columbus or Minnesota – if anyone in the league will have you?

Team Parts Ways With Avery After Incident (L.A. Times)

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