We're finished with Anna Benson

We're finished with Anna Benson


We're finished with Anna Benson

There’s no denyng it: When Anna Benson first drifted into our orbit, with her ample bosom and potty mouth, we were smitten. Here she was, a bitchy, gun-toting, former stripper, who said what she wanted, repercussions be dammed.

Here we are, about two years later, and we’ve grown tired of her act.

Sure the earth shook when she announced her and Kris were splitting, but a week later she recanted that statement, and it was at that point, for all intents and purposes, she became dead to us. Based on her comments this weekend, it appears she is taking her self far, far to seriously .

“It was a big misunderstanding and we are in love and we are staying together,” she said. “We are having a great time in Baltimore. Kris gets to work with (pitching coach) Leo Mazzone. And we’re living right on the water. It’s a place where we can be romantic.
“And as far as things in New York go, not much has changed. People are still paying attention to what I do and covering it in the newspapers.

We hear that Baltimore Orioles reporters have formed a unified front: They are ignoring all things Anna, rendering her once again, irrelevant. Well, The Big Lead is putting together a unified front of its own: We are hereby banning all references to Anna Benson unless: A) She is in a video of some sort, and it involves nudity; B) She poses for Playboy; C) Kris wins the Cy Young award. It takes effect … now.

Anna laughs last at Mets (New York Daily News)

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