One More Look at Eddie Griffin's Drunk Driving Escapade

One More Look at Eddie Griffin's Drunk Driving Escapade


One More Look at Eddie Griffin's Drunk Driving Escapade

So was Eddie Griffin really DWDMVP (Driving While Drunk and Masturbating to Video Porn) or not? Yesterday, an email friend of ours said Griffin wasn’t jacking off, and allegedly, the Timberwolves forward may be the victim of possible extortion.

There was another development yesterday – we got some reassurance from must-read Timberwolves blog I Heart KG, which recently heard the same seedy stuff our tipster did.

While we were unable to come up with any priors for alleged gun-smuggler and possible extorter Jamal Hassuneh, here is a recap of how it all went down over the last six months:

March 31, Star Tribune

Timberwolves forward Eddie Griffin was cited early Thursday by Minneapolis police for not having a driver’s license after he ran into another man’s vehicle.
Griffin told police that he was not paying attention to the road when he struck a Minneapolis man’s.
Nobody was hurt in the crash. Police cited Griffin for not having a license and for inattentive driving and then released him, the police report said.

April 1, Star Tribune

Eddie Griffin said he was reaching for his cell phone when he accidentally hit a parked car early Wednesday morning. Griffin said Friday that after handling insurance details with the car’s owner, the Minneapolis police gave him a ride home.
“They weren’t really worried about it,” Griffin said. “They just took me home.”
Wolves coach Dwane Casey said Griffin faced no team penalties for the incident but added: “It’s irresponsible. I told him, even if it’s around the block, to walk, call a cab or get a ride from [a] friend.”

June 30, Star Tribune

A videotape from a convenience store that Eddie Griffin of the Timberwolves went into after an accident in late March clearly shows a Minneapolis police officer saying, “He’s not getting a DWI,” and “We’re taking him home to St. Paul.”
The videotape was viewed Thursday by the Star Tribune after it was provided by the attorney for a man who is suing Griffin and the city of Minneapolis for damages sustained in the accident.
It supports the statements of several store employees who said that Griffin repeatedly said he was drunk and that he didn’t want to go jail.
At one point during the 50-minute tape, Griffin offers to buy the owner of the damaged sport-utility vehicle he ran into “any new car or truck, but not a Bentley.”
The Minneapolis Police Department is investigating whether the two officers who responded to the accident near University and 6th Avenues SE. failed to issue a ticket to Griffin for suspected drunken driving. Several witnesses indicated that they told officers Daniel Anderson and Matthew Lindquist that Griffin was drunk.
The officers did issue Griffin misdemeanor citations for no driver’s license and inattentive driving.
There is no indication on the police report that officers gave Griffin blood-alcohol or field-sobriety tests.

July 1, Star Tribune

Minnesota Timberwolves player Eddie Griffin Friday questioned the motives of a man who contends the player was drunk and watching pornography when he crashed his sport utility vehicle into a parked vehicle in March.
He said he deeply regrets the incident in Minneapolis and apologized to his family, teammates, and the community for any embarrassment his actions may have caused.
In his statement, issued through Wasserman Media Group in Los Angeles, Griffin said, “People should remember that many of the allegations that have been made public are part of a civil lawsuit in which the owner of the car is attempting to paint me in the most negative way possible. He only chose to come forward after an unsuccessful attempt to get me to pay him an outrageous sum of money.”

Form your own opinions, kids.

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