Matt Leinart's Hot College Girlfriend To Give Birth To One Amazing Athlete

Matt Leinart's Hot College Girlfriend To Give Birth To One Amazing Athlete


Matt Leinart's Hot College Girlfriend To Give Birth To One Amazing Athlete

The NFL preseason has seen some off-the-field incidents shake several teams to their core – Steelers’ quarterback Ben Roethlisberger’s terrifying motorcycle accident; Vikings top receiver Koren Robinson getting cut following a DUI; Dolphins defensive end Jason Taylor attempting to make nice with teammate Zach Thomas following a divorce from Thomas’s sister – just to name a few. But they all pale in comparison to last night’s stunning news that Matt Leinart has knocked up his college girlfriend, and he’s set to be a Baby Daddy this fall.

For just a moment, take a look at Leinart’s precipitous fall from grace over the last year and a half:

* Wins Heisman Trophy, Dec. 2004
* Says no thanks to millions and high probability of being No. 1 pick in 2005 draft
* Returns for senior season and doesn’t win second Heisman Trophy
* Loses National Title game to Texas
* Slides to No. 10 pick in the draft
* “Dates” Paris Hilton
* Holds out with Cardinals, and is the last first-round pick signed
* Gets college girlfriend pregnant

Now it’s already been pointed out by the math majors over at Deadspin that if Leinart is expecting in September, October, or November, it’s (bad pun alert) conceivable that Leinart was doing double duty between USC basketball player Brynn Cameron (she’ll miss the upcoming season, by the way) and Paris Hilton.

Since everyone’s going to focus on Hilton (and have a shitload of fun with it – links below), we’re going to tell our own little Cameron story: Last year, just before the college football season, Esquire ran a lengthy piece on Leinart. For the interview’s rooftop photoshoot, Leinart surprisingly showed up with Cameron. Our initial thought: What the hell is he thinking? He’s going to be immortalized in a men’s magazine that has reach in the millions, and he’s bringing his hot college girlfriend? Why would he do that? Is he nuts? We can’t even remember the last name of our last college girlfriend.

Guess the guy knew how things would turn out.

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