'Mom! What the Hell Are You Doing?' - Arkansas QB Mitch Mustain, Dec. 2006

'Mom! What the Hell Are You Doing?' - Arkansas QB Mitch Mustain, Dec. 2006


'Mom! What the Hell Are You Doing?' - Arkansas QB Mitch Mustain, Dec. 2006

There are a litany of stories about meddling high school parents who infringe on their son or daughter’s athletic endeavors; often, they’ll pull the coach aside before or after practice and voice their opinion on why Sally or Joe are getting splinters on the bench as opposed to touchdowns/baskets/goals on the field/court.

But parents of college football players pulling that junk? At a major Division I program that was ranked in the Top 25 virtually all season long? Unheard of.

Parents for Arkansas freshman football players Mitch Mustain, Damian Williams and Ben Cleveland met with Razorbacks Athletic Director Frank Broyles last week to discuss concerns about the direction of the football program.

Rick Cleveland, Ben’s father, confirmed Tuesday that the meeting took place last Thursday in Broyles’ office and lasted about an hour. The meeting included Rick Cleveland, Beck Campbell (Mustain’s mother ), David and Karen Williams, and Broyles.

The meeting centered on whether Arkansas offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn will get more say in how the offense is run, Rick Cleveland said, and if it will be more pass-oriented.

How acidic is this situation? Williams has transferred, and Mustain’s meddling mother has issued a statement on the ‘meeting.’

This is something we expected to see in an episode of Friday Night Lights, not the SEC. Mitch Mustain – who likely will start the next three years for the Razorbacks – will never live this down. We expect no fewer than 18 ‘your mom’ signs at the New Year’s Day bowl game against Wisconsin.

Let’s just hope Mustain doesn’t go Zidane on anyone in retaliation.

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The above photo is the trio whose parents just ruined them, during happier days in high school.

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