One Last Post about Song Girl (Probably, Anyway)

One Last Post about Song Girl (Probably, Anyway)


One Last Post about Song Girl (Probably, Anyway)

We’re pretty pissed we missed Wednesday’s game of Who Is The USC Song Girl With the Sweet, Sweet Ass.

Just to bring you up to speed, in case you missed it: Awful Announcing has deemed that the girl with the great ass is Megan. Another blogger, Boi from Troy, has sources who apparently are familiar with the asses of USC cheerleaders, and tells Deadspin the butt belongs to Megan.

After spending countless minutes this morning analyzing height, nose, and hair color … we would also like to say yes, it appears Megan is the girl whose undies were ridin’ high during the Rose Bowl.

Now all we have to do is scan the USC email index for seniors named Megan who are from Sunland, California and major in Sociology. Can’t be that hard, can it? We just want to let her know we’re big fans of her work.

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