Guess the Suspended, Perverted NFL Analyst

Guess the Suspended, Perverted NFL Analyst


Guess the Suspended, Perverted NFL Analyst

You probably don’t know this, but Sportsline columnist Mike Freeman is something of a legend in the sportswriting business. A couple years ago, he went all George O’Leary on his resume. Another time, he penned quite possibly the most memorable media rant – charges of racism, sexism, and blatant fabrication against fellow NFL writers – that we’ve ever come across.

We haven’t been reading Freeman’s prose lately, but a reader pointed out that he had a super juicy blind item recently:

Media entry. The NFL analyst who shall not be named that took a picture of his penis with a cell phone camera and has shown it to numerous, uncomfortable women, then was suspended by his network for it. Absolute true story. Please make sure to clean off the mirror when you are done with it.

Fridays are generally slow, but we’d like to field guesses on this one all day. Sean Salisbury comes to mind. He seems like enough of a doofus to try this. Michael Irvin? Rich Eisen? Jerome Bettis? We’re at a loss, people. If the guesses are educated and funny, we may compile a list at the end of the day.

Take a look at this year’s All-Selfish team (Sportsline)

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