A Photo and a Story About the Kidd Divorce

A Photo and a Story About the Kidd Divorce


A Photo and a Story About the Kidd Divorce

By now you’ve surely heard – New Jersey Nets point guard Jason Kidd filed for divorce from his incredibly hot wife, Joumana, on Tuesday.

This photo, which apparently ran in Sports Illustrated, shows the couple during happier times. Not like the time he kicked in a bedroom door in their Phoenix home after allegedly hitting her (he was arrested), or the time she allegedly abused their kids (he filed a lawsuit against her Monday).

Our memories of the couple are nothing but fond. Once, wayyyyyy back when we used to get off our duffs and go to sporting events, we ran into Joumana at the Meadowlands. There’s a room near the elevators where most of the players’ wives/girlfriends/babymamas hang with the toddlers during the game. We exited the elevator, and five feet in front of our eyes was Joumana, as sexy and slender a MILF as we’ve ever seen. Don’t remember the outfit, but she was glowing.

It was like that time during senior year in high school when we were in a car with friends, coming home from school, driving through a neighborhood to drop someone off. At this very moment, a fetching blond was walking down the driveway to get the mail. Obviously all of us focused our eyes on her, and as we got closer, it became evident that this was the hottest underclassman in the school – a bitchy hot, don’t-fuckin’-talk-to-me, busty little minx – who was a year below us, and ran with the druggies.

At that moment, time seemed to freeze; it was as if the radio went silent, no birds were chirping, the engine ceased humming, and life was one big cheesy romantic comedy.

For a fleeting moment in the Meadowlands, we made eye-contact with the luminous Joumana, resisted the urge to say something dumb (like, hi!) and that was that. So there’s our Joumana Kidd moment.

No need to dilly-dally with the nitty-gritty: the divorce may be acrimonious. Be prepared.

Among the numerous charges, the papers contend that Joumana sat with T. J. in her front-row seat at Continental Arena on Dec. 27 and “started to shout personal insults” at Kidd throughout a game. At least one member of the Nets staff witnessed the incident but could not hear her because she was too far away.

The playoffs the Nets will not make.

Kidd Files for Divorce, Adding to Trying Season (NY Times)

[PS – And from this innocent paragraph, buried in the Times article, it appears there may be some truth to the Vince Carter-Gabrielle Union rumors: “Kidd is not the only star player on the Nets who is going through marital problems. Vince Carter and his wife, Ellen, are also living apart.]

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