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From the UK With Love

Word association: We say ‘David Beckham’ and you think … nanny? Cheating? Lewd text messages? Bend it like Beckham? Fauxhawk? Pretty-boy? FOD? All of the above, right?

Now let’s do Posh Spice. Ready? Silicone. Botox. Big tits. Monster jugs. Grossly thin. Spaghetti. ‘If you wanna be my lover.’ Fine, we’re the only one still listening to Spice Girls from the late 1990s.

That was boring. Encino better make way – the Beckhams are invading the United States, and the most famous left foot in the world is coming to the MLS. (If we knew how to shrink text, we would, because while floating a hot UK rumor back in August, we totally called this shit!)

Also just a rumor until further confirmation is had: we’ve heard rumblings that if the 31-year-old Beckham doesn’t extend his contract with Real Madrid past 2007, he may be bringing his game across the pond to the MLS, where he would likely play for the Galaxy, live in LA, and presumably break into Hollywood.

We’re not even going to touch the insane $250 million figure because that’s just absurd – but we will say this: No other overseas player has considered the MLS at this young an age (Becks will be 32 once he joins the Galaxy in August). So why come to the States now, where the competition is inferior?

A guess: Because being a star across the pond isn’t enough to feed the ego, Becks and Posh desperately need to have the feeling of walking down Robertson and watching a pack of paparazzi ditch Lindsay Lohan to snap their photo.

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