Tim Hardaway Didn't Mean It ... He Really Likes Gay People

Tim Hardaway Didn't Mean It ... He Really Likes Gay People


Tim Hardaway Didn't Mean It ... He Really Likes Gay People

Trying to make sense of Tim Hardaway’s hatred of gay people , we’re going to have a Q&A with … that little voice in our head.

Q: How do Hardaway’s comments stack up to what Jeremy Shockey said on the Howard Stern show a couple years ago?

A: Not even close. Shockey was trying to be cool and funny in a bawdy atmosphere … Hardaway ripped gay people and then when Dan LeBatard called him on it (‘flatly homophobic … bigotry’) and gave him a chance to take it back, Hardaway said, ‘I hate gay people.’ As a point of reference, it took Shockey over a year to put this behind him. Luck for Timmy, he’s retired and already out of the public eye. Which leads to the question … why did LeBatard have him on his show anyway?

Q: ESPN likes to grab at fools who make outlandish remarks (see Irvin, Michael) – what are the chances they go after Hardaway for another go-round?

A: Zero. If Timmy went all MC Hammer with his money, you’re more likely to see him collecting garbage in the greater Chicago area in the next six months.

Q: What does John Amaechi think?

A: He was just on Mike & Mike but we had it muted and only caught something he said about ‘I resent the idea I have to be tolerated.’ Hardaway makes these comments two weeks ago and they barely register – but to make them on the same day the first gay NBA player comes out with a book … dumb, da dumb, dumb …

Q: Ideas for Hardaway to rebound from this? That apology (‘shouldn’t have said I hate gay people or anything like that’) is kind of weak.

A: Asking Amaechi on a date probably wouldn’t go over well. Attend gay/lesbian parade? Donate money to a gay/lesbian scholarship fund? We’re open to any and all suggestions, and please, no more emails about broomsticks and vasoline.

Q: When Hardaway arrives in Vegas, will he room with Steven Hunter, Shavlik Randolph, and LeBron James?

A: No. But we hear that he’s already called Kramer to see if he’s got an extra bed in his room at the Luxor.

Bloggers are outraged, and nothing the UTEP two-step did at Golden State (not even coining the nickname Run TMC) or Miami will make up for this transgression. Word on the street is that Hardaway’s rookie card just plunged from $1.75 to .15.

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