We Interrupt Sports Talk for a Movie Discussion

We Interrupt Sports Talk for a Movie Discussion


We Interrupt Sports Talk for a Movie Discussion

We had an incredible debate a couple weeks ago about the greatest movie trilogies of all-time. It was one of our most-commented on posts this year. So this summer, in collaboration with the movie onslaught in the theaters, and because we’re now Netflix members, we figured that at least once a week, we’d try to have some sort of debate about movies or TV. Why would a sports blog do this? Because it’s the summer.

This week: The five best movies of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s career. Honorable mentions will follow, and of course, feel free to disagree in the comments:

1. Terminator 2: No question. We saw this as teenagers and were completely blown away. The graphics were ahead of the times, and James Cameron is the man. Also, we saw it this weekend, which launched the idea of this post.

2. Eraser – Vanessa Williams (pre-Rick Fox), carnage, and futuristic weapons. What’s not to love?

3. Total Recall: A young Sharon Stone and plenty of other cool, random shit makes this a must-rent, but Verhoeven should have included some of the nudity who gave us in Hollow Man (Rhona Mitra – yum), Basic Instinct, and Showgirls.

4. True Lies: Never were big fans of Jamie Lee Curtis, but she’s not half bad in this flick. Strong opening 45 minutes, but kind of goes downhilll after that. Kind of like Old School.

5. Collateral Damage: Strictly for the name. ‘The collateral damage from the last time I dropped anchor was horrendous. It wouldn’t have been so bad if Sally wasn’t in the bathroom line behind me.’ If you can use collateral damage in a sentence once a week, you probably have a lot of friends.

Honorable mention:
Commando – a few funny lines, plus a young Alyssa Milano, but not quite enough to vault it into the Top 5
Terminator – we prefer Arnie as a good guy
End of Days – because we like movies about the world ending (like ‘The Day After Tomorrow’)

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