It's Tough to Jab in Fishnets

It's Tough to Jab in Fishnets


It's Tough to Jab in Fishnets


So what’s the deal with the Oscar De La Hoya cross-dressing photos that delivered shock and awe to the internet Wednesday? We first saw them over on Deadspin, and instead of posting them, we waited for the inevitable denials from the Golden Boy’s lawyers. Six hours later, his people said they were an exquisite job of photoshopping.

But was it?

If you examine the photos, clearly, they took place in a hotel room. The New York Daily News confirms as much – the Ritz Carlton in Philadelphia. (Great quote from the Scores Dancer who is peddling the photos: “He wore size 9 ladies shoes. He also liked wearing thigh-high nylons. He liked sex games. He and the girl would sit in a chair that they’d pretend was a motorcycle. He’d pretend he was the girl on the back of motorcycle. She’d be the guy. He’d grab her around the waist and squeal, ‘Faster! Faster!'”) The comments on the X-17 site are hilarious – the debate rages about the authenticity of the photos, mostly based on the following: shadows in some photos, but not others; his lack of wedding ring; the size of his head, and the wig (they presume it belongs to a hooker).

Our humble assessment is that they’re real.

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