Round 8: Blog vs. Newspaper

Round 8: Blog vs. Newspaper

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Round 8: Blog vs. Newspaper


Portly Minnesota Twins pitcher Boof Bonser talked to a group of people at a golf tournament. Boof said the Twins were putting together a package to trade him to the Devil Rays. One of these people relayed the news to a blogger. Said blogger ran the item, but instead of saying Boof said it at a golf tournament, it was cited as ‘a source close to Boof.’ A Tampa Tribune columnist picked up the item, called it ‘an internet rumor’ and said it had no shot of happening, without mentioning a source. Hmmmmm. Interesting situation.

Kinda makes you wonder if, perhaps, Minnesota wanted Boof to be included in this Delmon Young deal that just was completed (BIG edge to the Twins on this trade), but the D-Rays demanded Matt Garza. Just a guess. (Oh. We should add that we love Garza. But this fills a need for both teams, and with Francisco Liriano coming back this year, Minnesota loses next-to-nothing while upgrading its outfield after Torii Hunter signed with the Angels. Tampa had an overflow in the outfield, and needed a No. 2 behind Kazmir.)

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