Detroit, Are You Ready for USC QB Mark Sanchez?

Detroit, Are You Ready for USC QB Mark Sanchez?


Detroit, Are You Ready for USC QB Mark Sanchez?

Surprised USC Mark Sanchez is turning pro? Why?

* Heading into the bowl games, Sam Bradford was widely regarded as the best QB in the country, and the best NFL prospect at the position.
* Sanchez has one of the best games in Rose Bowl history.
* Sam Bradford, jinxed by the Heisman, didn’t dominate in the Title game.
* Bradford is non-committal about leaving school. Probably checking in with “people” about his draft status.
* One day before the deadline, Bradford says he’s staying at OU.
* Sanchez decides to announce he’s going Pro.

The Lions need a QB to help one of the worst offenses in the league and put fannies in the seats. You can’t draft an OL after an 0-16 season. So is Sanchez or Matt Stafford your guy? The draft combine should be fun – one’s accurate, and one has a cannon.

Sanchez (turns 23 in November): 6-3, 227 lbs. Right.
Stafford (turns 21 in February): 6-3, 237 lbs. Righty.

Sanchez seems like the safer, ready-made pick; Stafford is still a young guy, probably with more potential since he has a bigger arm. We’re not huge on workout wonders at the draft combine, but we’d go into it with the idea that Sanchez was our guy, and Stafford would have to be incredibly impressive in order to become the pick.

We’d guess the “loser” here might go to the Minnesota Vikings.

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