Alex Rodriguez vs. Selena Roberts

Alex Rodriguez vs. Selena Roberts


Alex Rodriguez vs. Selena Roberts

A-Rod and his people like Peter Gammons; SI’s Selena Roberts, not so much. Anyone else surprised by how aggressively Rodriguez went on the offensive against Roberts? A stalker? Breaking and entering? Roberts, a one-time TBL interview subject, went on the Dan Patrick show this morning to clear up some of A-Rod’s jarring claims:

My reaction was wow, what’s he talking about? That long list of things he alleged were a complete fabrication … I never have stepped foot in his lobby … I never talked to the police [on campus], except for Alex himself who wanted me to leave … Alex lives on an island in Miami. I went to the guardshack in front of the island. The guard was new and said she couldn’t let anybody in … she didn’t know who to call and ask, so she called the police to ask. The police came, and said it’s a public island and I could go in … there was no incident, I never set foot on his property, I never even went to his doorbell.

Well, then. A feeble attempt by A-Rod to play the victim card, one would assume, since she’s the one who “took down” Rodriguez. And there’s the small matter of the book she’s writing, which is due out this Spring. Here are some thoughts on the book, which sure sounds explosive is A-Rod is already worked up about it; more can be found here.

Roberts also talked about the potential of being subpoenaed, something we mentioned yesterday:

I dont know, it’s possible. I could be subpoenaed. As a journalist, you go all the way, you do what you have to do to protect the people you talked to. It’s part of the job description.

March Madness can’t get here soon enough.

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