The Roundup: Russell Martin's Model Girlfriend

The Roundup: Russell Martin's Model Girlfriend


The Roundup: Russell Martin's Model Girlfriend

Freida Pinto from Slumdog, who recently signed on to do a Woody Allen picture … who doesn’t love a good hoax involving the government and DVT converters … if you like free food … chaos reigns as crowds swarm in Fort Lauderdale for government-subsidized housing … eating pig organs in China probably isn’t wise … be careful at those Circuit City liquidation sales … after the jump, Russell Martin’s model girlfriend …

Recapping the Beckhams 2-year run in the States. (LA Times)

Knowshon Moreno is currently rated 2nd in terms of fantasy football potential among all rookies. (No Offseason)

Selig can save baseball if … among other things, he announces year-round, unannounced drug testing. (Biz of Baseball)

Paul Allen’s money troubles. (Blazer’s Edge)

Josh Hamilton has given up smokeless tobacco. (Dallas Morning News)

Former OSU point guard Jamar Butler pulls a Matt Jones and does drugs in a seedy parking lot, gets arrested. (Cursed Cleveland)

Trevor Hoffman bids adios to San Diego … with a full-page ad in the Union-Tribune. (San Diego Sports)

Yankees blow off practice, instead play billiards. (NY Times)

Nice work by the some Philly teams to help get the fans through the Depression. (700 Level)

LeBatard laughs about not returning the calls from First Take producers … then goes on the show with the hockey announcer who incorporates movies into his goal calls. (City of Champs)

Northern Iowa drops its baseball program. (Online Sports Guys)

Former SI scribe Steve Rushin on Marquette. (Cracked SIdewalks)

The Dodgers All-Star catcher is dating model Marikym Hervieux. She was on Entourage once as Josh Weinstein’s girlfriend. If you feel like wasting 25 minutes, some forum chronicled every girl that has ever been on Entourage. Good times. Almost as much fun as this quote from Martin: “He’s settled down with a steady girlfriend, and while babies aren’t in the picture, ‘We are practising a lot,’ he says, smiling.”

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