Hopefully, You Didn't Fall for the PTI Joke

Hopefully, You Didn't Fall for the PTI Joke


Hopefully, You Didn't Fall for the PTI Joke

As we head into the final TV timeout, it’s looking like we’ll have Megan Fox – aka Angelina Jolie Jr. – in the 2009 Culture Bracket finals against defending champ Erin Andrews. Tonight is your last chance to vote. Admit it – part of you wishes Andrews would forgo her final two years of eligibility and leap to the pros and given everyone else a chance. A few readers have convinced us – next year we’ll shepherd all the females into one bracket and give everyone else a shot at the Final Four.

The final will begin Friday and last through Monday – the screen-grab superstar Sports Hernia is on tap this weekend – when we crown the champ.

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Unrelated: Thaddeus Young, who has been great for the 76ers in recent weeks, is on the shelf for the remainder of the regular season, and perhaps some of the playoffs. Good luck stealing that 5th seed and avoiding Boston in the first round.

Unrelated II: PTI opened up with a pretty convincing April Fool’s Day effort.

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