The Media Debates: Did We Really Need to Know Whether or Not Tim Tebow Was a Virgin?

The Media Debates: Did We Really Need to Know Whether or Not Tim Tebow Was a Virgin?


The Media Debates: Did We Really Need to Know Whether or Not Tim Tebow Was a Virgin?

Tim Tebow, the wildly successful QB of the Florida Gators, was asked Thursday at SEC media day if he was a virgin. He said yes, ladies swooned, and the internet went bananas. Is it even believable? The most popular college football player in the country – or in sports, period? A debate for another day – who has been photographed with beautiful women and who attends one of the best party schools in the country, is a virgin? Reporters and columnists weighed in on the question and his answer, and our brief thoughts are below.

CBS Sports:

“Tim Tebow hasn’t done the nasty. Do you care? Should you? It was one of those “gotcha” moments that makes you feel like you need a shower. If you haven’t heard, Florida’s Mr. America quarterback admitted to being a virgin Thursday at the SEC media days. The perfect quarterback is also the perfect gentleman, premaritally speaking … The Christian Right will be happy. Anyone else with a shred of decency should be outraged … Nice day at work. Rest up and come back fresh tomorrow, Clay. There will be plenty of chances on Friday to ask a player if he has herpes. I’m sure the public is dying to know if Lane Kiffin ever “read” Playboy or if Les Miles watches HBO after midnight? “

Yahoo Sports:

“He was fine with the question and wants to let everyone know that not even the coeds in Gainesville could break him of his commitment to Christianity. And if you’ve ever strolled through the UF campus, you’d know Tebow has just redefined the word ‘devout.'”

Tony Barnhart, AJC:

In a large interview room he was asked a totally inappropriate question—whether or not he is still a virgin (I am not going to mention the person’s name who asked the question or his website. It’s out there if you really want it). Tebow was within his rights to get up and walk out of the room. He was within his rights to tell the questioner that it was none of his damned business. Instead he said “Yes, I am.€ The reporters in the room—at least the ones with integrity—were clearly uncomfortable at the line of questioning. Tebow laughed and put them at ease. He took a situation where a “reporter” was clearly out of line and made light of it. It was a move few us could have made so deftly.

Chicago Sun-Times:

“But the ‘have you had sex?’ question is something you ask your buddy — maybe. And Tim Tebow is not buddies with any Fanhouse reporter … Tim Tebow doesn’t need to be held to the standards of his religious beliefs by the national media. The national media has only the right to hold him to the standard set forth by the NCAA and University of Florida. Singling out a player in a press conference based on his religious beliefs is a dangerous and awkward practice — especially at the college level when these guys are facing enough stress and pressure on and off the field. And it’s simply none of our business.”

Orlando Sentinel:

Tebow is not just a football player, he is a cult figure whose story has always encompassed more than just his sport. His faith and spirituality are a bigger part of who he is than his ability to convert on 3rd-and-1. That’s why I think the question was appropriate.

We like Clay Travis and have emailed with him in the past. He’s a smart guy, and we hear he’s sold more books than any other sports blogger, so obviously he’s a talented writer. But we didn’t love the question, even though Tebow professes his faith frequently. This next part may come as a surprise, considering some of the risks we’ve taken on this site … but where to draw the line? At some point this season, will Tebow be asked about other faith-based topics like abortion? Prayer in schools? And what if a female steps forward to say she’s gone down on Tebow? Do we have a raging, Clintonesqe debate about blow jobs counting as sex?

On the plus side, this totally sets Tebow up for a life after college football. We don’t care if he makes it in the NFL – at this point, he’s already such a fantastic speaker, we’d like to see him enter politics after college.

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