Nick Collison vs. Douchy Radio Host

Nick Collison vs. Douchy Radio Host


Nick Collison vs. Douchy Radio Host

Nick Collison is an accomplished high school and college basketball (two Final Fours at Kansas) player, and even though he’s stumbled a bit in the pros, he’s still a solid role player with the Sonics/Thunder. Unfortunately, Collison’s been back in Seattle this summer, and is gushing about the northwest – “Wondering why anyone would choose to live anywhere else”? – on his twitter account. That led to this strange feature in the Oklahoman, which mostly celebrated his love for Seattle.

[Post pause: We’ve been to Seattle. Loved it. The contrast of mountains and ocean is spectacular. Post-blogging career, maybe we could coax our wife to moving there. Never been to Oklahoma City. Only reason we could imagine going there: NBA Finals.]

You know what happened to Collison next: A beefy radio host named Jim Traber – a hirsute former Baltimore Oriole (non-factor best describes his 3+ seasons in Maryland) who, according to his wikipedia, was briefly the QB at Oklahoma State – decided that it was wrong of Collison to lust for Seattle, and if he loved the damn place so much, maybe he should just get the hell out of Oklahoma City.

Listen to the audio here.

Traber reaches (“I played in the big leagues for three years, I know what it’s all about”) big-time throughout the interview (he even mentions “that idiot up there, that Bill Simmons guy at ESPN”) and essentially begs for Collison – and everyone! – to love Oklahoma City. Collison remains clam throughout – outside of some early struggles, he’s pretty articulate and was even sort of funny: “I’m the sweatiest dude in the league.”

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