Five Questions with Alexi Lalas

Five Questions with Alexi Lalas


Five Questions with Alexi Lalas

Yesterday during a media workshop, Alexi Lalas made a bold statement: The former US National team player and MLS general manager matter-of-factly stated that Landon Donovan was “one of the Top 20 players in the world.” We’re fans of Donovan’s work – especially recently – but found the statement preposterous. A brief, “PTI-like” (not our words) exchanged occurred. (See here and here.) Afterward, we asked Lalas a five quick soccer questions.

1. Will Portugal make the 2010 World Cup?

2. Will DeMarcus Beasley make the US National team roster for next summer’s World Cup?

3. Will Jozy Altidore become the best goal scorer in US soccer history?
These are just yes and no things? Ahhhh, no.

4. Does Bob Bradley deserve more criticism for his coaching decisions in the loss to Mexico earlier this month?
Does he deserve more? Yeah, I think it was glossed over to a certain extent because of things that we talked about and the soccer part of it I think deserved more critical analysis.

5. What position/area of the US National team currently worries you most heading into next summer’s World Cup?
Midfield. Defensively we’re solid, goalkeeper without a doubt we’re good, the back line I think is good, and I think we have guys who can score goals. I think defensive midfield right now is questionable, and whoever ends up being the two guys is important. Right now we have a lot of guys who can play defensive midfield – Clark, Bradley, Mastroeni – these are all guys who play the same type of position. When playing with Clark and Michael Bradley, neither one of them has the ability or creativity to go forward. We had a lack of possession against Mexico – we had nobody who could hold the ball, withstand the pressure and get out of tight situations.

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