2009 NFL Predictions

2009 NFL Predictions


2009 NFL Predictions

times squareHow’s this for product placement: Times Square, the NFL and the Hustler Club. Fitting. Below are our division picks in order of how everyone will finish. And yes, we have Peter King’s NFC Super Bowl representative not reaching the playoffs.

NFC East: Dallas, Philadelphia, NY Giants, Washington
NFC North: Minnesota, Green Bay, Chicago, Detroit
NFC South: New Orleans, Carolina, Atlanta, Tampa Bay
NFC West: Arizona, Seattle, San Francisco, St. Louis
NFC Playoff teams: Minnesota, New Orleans, Dallas, Arizona, Philadelphia, Green Bay.

minnesota vikings cheerleadersAFC East: New England, Miami, NY Jets, Buffalo
AFC North: Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Cleveland, Cincinnati
AFC South: Indianapolis, Houston, Tennessee, Jacksonville
AFC West: San Diego, Kansas City, Oakland, Denver
AFC Playoff teams: San Diego, New England, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Baltimore, Houston.

Super Bowl
San Diego defeats Minnesota

Dimestore thoughts:
Giants fade: Think teams will be able to solve the running game – which isn’t as deep as last year – and with no WRs to bail him out, Eli struggles. Nine wins, no playoffs.
Dallas: Just a hunch. No pressure, no TO, Barber and Jones both have fantastic seasons.
chargers cheerleadersWorst in the NFC: Tampa. Two wins, get 1st pick in the 2010 draft. Second worst? Detroit. Three wins.
Atlanta Slides: Curse of 370, plus a shaky defense, combined with Sean Payton shaking off two bad seasons.
Tennessee Slides: Collins regresses big-time, and VY is starting by midseason (been saying that since the summer, gotta stick with it now). Defenses misses Haynesworth big-time.
Worst in the AFC: Cincinnati, Jacksonville and Denver all look like 4-win teams.
Houston: Don’t love the Texans, but finally they sneak into the playoffs because so many other teams (Miami, three teams in the AFC West, Tennessee, all struggle).

The safe picks would have been New England or Pittsburgh. But that’s no fun.

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