Twins 6, Tigers 5, 12 Innings: "Line drive - base hit!" An Extra Innings Live-Blog

Twins 6, Tigers 5, 12 Innings: "Line drive - base hit!" An Extra Innings Live-Blog


Twins 6, Tigers 5, 12 Innings: "Line drive - base hit!" An Extra Innings Live-Blog

Yes, that’s the unquestionable star of tonight’s play-in game. And he’s already got a copy of tomorrow’s newspaper.

You’ll have to excuse me because I missed the entire regulation portion of the contest due to school. Here’s what the box score tells me – Detroit took an early 3-0 lead, but the Twins did what they’ve been doing for what seems like months and came back.

*Miguel Cabrera obviously skipped Happy Hour as he homered and doubled.

What I saw – The Tigers took the lead in the top of the 10th and it looked like the season was over. Then, Michael Cuddyer tripled to lead off the bottom of the 10th and eventually scored on a chopper that got through the infield with 1 out in the bottom of the 10th. Seemingly in control with runners on the corner and 1 outs, Nick Punto flew out to short left and for some reason Alexi Cassilla was told to tag up. He was promptly thrown out at home.

Of course, this huge season-altering/deciding  play of the game was of course  blown by Chip Carey who incorrectly called a fly ball into the glove of a fielder in short left a “line drive – base hit.” That’s why he gets paid the big bucks. He also said “fisted” earlier in the game which was not lost on Twitter.

11th – Uneventful. MVP Joe Mauer grounded out meekly to end the inning.

12th – Miggy showed excellent hand-eye coordination by drawing a walk. No, he didn’t walk straight down the baseline. What, are you the cops or something? Don Kelly singled to move Cabrera to 3rd then the Twinkies walked the bases loaded to face Brandon Inge. During the at-bat, Inge fisted a ball foul. Finally, Inge fisted the ball to Nick Punto who threw out Cabrera at home.

2 outs – Gerald Laird to a full-count, bases loaded, 2 outs. Struck him out. All Caray can muster is “unbelievable” as the Twins run back to the dugout. No, seriously. That’s all he said between the backwards K and the commercial. Unbelievable indeed.

Middle 12 – Sorry if I jinxed the Tigers by starting this. Not really, but its the polite thing to say. Back to you, Chip!

Bottom 12 – Did Chip Caray come back from break saying he doesn’t mind staying up late? What time is it in Minnesota? 8:15? Fernando Rodney returns. Carlos Gomez with the base hit to start the inning. 1 on, no out. Cuddyer moves Gomez to second on the ground ball to Inge. Anyone else surprised Ron Darling made it to the post-season? (That’s a Mets joke people. Just because the season’s ending doesn’t mean that does.) Delmon Young will get the free pass to set up the double-play. Alexi Cassilla comes to the plate after replacing Upstate New York’s own Brendan Harris as a pinch runner.

Game over! Gomez scores on the Cassilla single. Comeback = complete.

Final score: Twins 6, Tigers 5 in 12 innings. The Twins get the Yankees. Miguel Cabrera gets the unused celebratory champagne. Chip Caray gets euthanized. (I might have made the last 2 up.)

The Twins will be in New York for the 7pm 6:05pm game tomorrow. No time for a hangover. Uhh… I’m just going to skip a final Miguel Cabrera joke. Congratulations Minnesota. See you all tomorrow.

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