Mark Mangino Crossed the Line ... or Did He?

Mark Mangino Crossed the Line ... or Did He?


Mark Mangino Crossed the Line ... or Did He?

mark-mangino-kansas-coachMark Mangino has done more for Kansas football in 7+ seasons than anyone else in the last 60 years. From 1947-2002, the program went to eight bowl games, going 3-5. Since 2002, Mangino has been to four bowl games, and has gone 3-1. He’s responsible for the program’s first Top 10 finish [Ed. Computers had ’em 11th in 1995] since 1968.

And now everyone wants him shoved out because he allegedly “poked senior linebacker Arist Wright in the chest during a game or practice several weeks ago?” Supposedly, this is just the latest in a long line of tough love (“extreme behavior”) from Mangino and now Kansas seems intent on booting the 450-pound orca of a man.

We should probably address Mangino’s weight issue first. Whitlock is the man for the job:

Mangino coaches from an angry place. It’s not surprising, to me, given his weight problem.

You might be inclined to dismiss the alleged complaints of a few current and former Jayhawks who grumble that Mangino is physically and verbally abusive to his players. You might think it’s no big deal that a coach yells, cusses and puts his hands on his players.

It’s not that big a deal when the coach loves his players as hard as he pushes them. That’s what’s missing in the Mangino equation. Where’s the love?

Colin Cowherd noted this morning that many overweight people are “jolly.” Rick Majerus comes to mind. Andy Reid is large, but jolly probably isn’t the best word to describe him. Rex Ryan of the Jets seems angry with a dollop of jolly. The fatness-anger parallel is probably part of the equation.

So get this guy in some anger management classes – he’ll do it in a heartbeat rather than lose his $2.3 million a year – and then on a weight loss program and get back to a BCS game. If he hit a kid, get him the hell out of there instantly. Poking a kid in the chest? C’mon. [KC Confidential]

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