Lane Kiffin to USC in a Major, Major Shocker

Lane Kiffin to USC in a Major, Major Shocker


Lane Kiffin to USC in a Major, Major Shocker

lane kiffin to uscLane Kiffin will be the next coach of USC according to ESPN. This is an absolute shocker on multiple fronts. Kiffin was at Tennessee for just one season, and was seemingly on the way to building the Vols back into a powerhouse in the SEC following a few down years.

For starters, Kiffin’s hiring is a huge save for USC, which appeared to be headed for a major downfall falling the sudden departure of Pete Carroll. Second, this is a massive loss for Tennessee, which appeared to be on the rise in the challenging SEC. Rival Florida was going to fall back a bit. Kiffin was ruffling feathers, but he was recruiting well, too. The Vols must be blindsided. Where will they go?

Kiffin had been with the Trojans from 2001-2006 before an ill-fated trip to the NFL, where he coached the Raiders, feuded with Al Davis, and was fired. He was rumored to be in the mix for the USC job, but few thought he’d be an actual candidate since USC was on the way down and Tennessee was going the opposite way.

We can’t wait to hear Kiffen talk his way out of this one. He’s so ballsy, he isn’t even going to wait to find out what the NCAA is going to do to USC regarding Joe McKnight and Reggie Bush. And USC, apparently, doesn’t care about Kiffin’s minor brushes with the NCAA over the last year (including the hostesses story).

Much more tomorrow.

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