Super Bowl Road Trip: Q&A with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Brooklyn Decker

Super Bowl Road Trip: Q&A with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Brooklyn Decker


Super Bowl Road Trip: Q&A with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Brooklyn Decker

brooklyn deckerBrooklyn Decker, the overwhelming favorite to be on the cover of next week’s Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, stopped by radio row at the media center in Ft. Lauderdale today. Heads turned. Mouths were left agape. Then, she floored everyone with her impressive sports knowledge. We were lucky enough to spend a few minutes in her orbit, and here are the things that didn’t make the interview: She’s not sure if the Panthers should stick with Jake Delhomme, she is aware of North Carolina’s 2010 basketball recruiting class, led by Harrison Barnes, her and husband Andy Roddick have rooting interests in the Saints and Colts, and she reads The Big Lead. (It seemed unlikely, but she said, “yeah, you guys are a big site.”)

Q: Has your tennis game improved since you met Andy?
A: Not at all. Not at all. I have taken one lesson. I figure if I’m not going to beat him at it, there’s no point in trying. Too competitive.

Q: Why’d you pick UNC over Duke when choosing your college basketball allegiance.
A: I grew up in North Carolina and I just like what UNC is about a little bit better. i love the campus, Michael Jordan, Dean Smith … i like the history there.

Q: Been a rough year for Roy. He’s thrown a few temper tantrums.
A: I don’t blame him … at this point, I’m just hoping they make the tournament.

Q: Do you watch Lost?
A: Noooooo.

Q: Athlete you met that left you in awe.
A: Evander Holyfield was pretty amazing. When i was growing up he had that whole controversy with Mike Tyson. Meeting Evander … the guy is kind of legendary.

Q: Best thing about living in Texas.
A: Well, I live in New York, too. In NY – I love my neighborhood – we just moved to Brooklyn two weeks ago. I’m really new to it. Texas … it’s the most homey place – in the comfortable sense.

Q: The buzz about you here seems to be that you’re not a typical model and you’re pretty smart and well-spoken.
A: I would like to say I’m more educated than I am, but I only have a high school education. I read a lot because I spend a lot of time traveling by myself. I just finished a cheesy book yesterday – Dear John. It’s a Nicholas Sparks book, but I had to read it because the movie is coming out. I read a lot of romantic novels – like the Time Traveler’s Wife. I also read some political books – like Hardball by Chris Matthews.

Q: I take it you’re an MSNBC viewer as opposed to Fox News?
A: Not really. It’s sort of like Machiavelli’s Prince …

Q: That has to be the first time any model has ever referenced Machiavelli’s Prince.
A: (Laughter.)

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