Swedish Curlers Are Totally Metal

Swedish Curlers Are Totally Metal


Swedish Curlers Are Totally Metal

swedish-curlers-hammerfall-metalI haven’t tried to hide my love of curling. If it were on television 18 hours a day (Like it has been), I would probably watch it 18 hours a day. (Like I have been.) So when I sat in my living room last night watching the USA vs. Sweden ladies curling match and heard that the Swedish team had been in a Swedish metal video…

Well, there were shrieks of excitement as I charged towards my laptop. Honestly, if you were ever going to consider breaking rules at your job to watch a completely SFW video, this is it. There is nothing more metal than curling and this video proves it.

swedish-curlers-hammerfall swedish-curlers-metal hammerfall-curling

If this isn’t my ring tone by the end of the day, I’ll turn in my keys to the TBL jet.

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