The 2011 NFL Draft is Only 11 Months Away! Mel Kiper is Ready. How Much Stock to Put in His List?

The 2011 NFL Draft is Only 11 Months Away! Mel Kiper is Ready. How Much Stock to Put in His List?


The 2011 NFL Draft is Only 11 Months Away! Mel Kiper is Ready. How Much Stock to Put in His List?

The 2011 NFL draft is 11 months away, but that didn’t stop Mel Kiper from putting out his “Top 5s” for next year. (This is as infinitely more relevant list than, say, Joe Lunardi’s bracketology 11 months before the NCAA tournament.) Kiper’s list contains many names you’re already familiar with – QBs Jake Locker (Washington), Ryan Mallett (Arkansas), DE’s Adrian Clayborn (Iowa) and Cameron Heyward (Ohio State), LBs Quan Sturdivant (North Carolina) and Greg Jones (Michigan Sate), and DB Ahmad Black (Florida). What kind of expectations for next year’s draft should you expect from this list? We decided to take a look back to April 2009, when Mel Kiper broke down the “Top 5s” in the junior class.

All we’ve added below is where everyone was drafted (assuming they were). Interesting tidbit: Kiper went 0-5 on fullbacks, did a good job projecting offensive and defensive tackles, and only went 3-9 on linebackers (one of of them returned to school). Something to keep in mind – this list does not include juniors who were drafted.

1. *Sam Bradford, Oklahoma – 1st overall pick
2. Dan LeFevour, Central Michigan – 6th round pick
3. Colt McCoy, Texas – 3rd round pick
4. Tim Tebow, Florida – 1st round pick
5. Tony Pike, Cincinnati – 6th round pick

Running backs
1. C.J. Spiller, Clemson – No. 9 overall pick
2. LeGarrette Blount, Oregon – undrafted, signed with Titans
3. James Starks, Buffalo – 6th round pick
4. Charles Scott, LSU – 6th round pick
5. Chris Brown, Oklahoma – Undrafted, signed with Broncos

Fullbacks (none of them were drafted)
1. Richie Brockel, Boise State
2. Anthony Harding, Fresno State
3. Marcus Sims, Florida State
4. Matt Clapp, Oklahoma
5. Cory Jackson, Maryland

Wide receivers
1. *Damian Williams, USC – 3rd round pick
2. Eric Decker, Minnesota – 3rd round pick
3. Mardy Gilyard, Cincinnati – 4th round pick
4. Brandon LaFell, LSU – 3rd round pick
5. *Demaryius Thomas, Ga. Tech – 1st round pick

Tight Ends
1. Jermaine Gresham, Oklahoma – 1st round pick
2. Garrett Graham, Wisconsin – 4th round pick
3. Dennis Pitta, BYU – 4th round pick
4. Ed Dickson, Oregon – 3rd round pick
5. Richard Dickson, LSU – undrafted

Offensive tackles
1. Russell Okung, Oklahoma State – 6th overall pick
2. Ciron Black, LSU – undrafted, signed with the Steelers
3. Trent Williams, Oklahoma – 4th overall pick
4. Sam Young, Notre Dame – 6th round pick
5. Charles Brown, USC – 2nd round pick

Offensive guards
1. Sergio Render, Virginia Tech – undrafted
2. John Jerry, Mississippi – 3rd round pick
3. Mike Johnson, Alabama – 3rd round pick
4.Zane Beadles, Utah – 2nd round pick
5. Brandon Carter, Texas Tech – undrafted

1. Thomas Austin, Clemson – undrafted
2. Josh McNeil, Tennessee – undrafted
3. Matt Tennant, Boston College – 5th round pick
4. Jim Cordle, Ohio State – undrafted
5. Erik Cook, New Mexico – 7th round pick

Defensive ends
1. Greg Hardy, Mississippi – 6th round pick
2. Jerry Hughes, TCU – 1st round pick
3. Willie Young, NC State – 7th round pick
4. George Selvie, South Florida – 7th round pick
5. Corey Wootton, Northwestern – 4th round pick

Defensive tackles
1.*Gerald McCoy, Oklahoma – 3rd overall pick
2. Terrence Cody, Alabama – 2nd round pick
3. Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska – 2nd overall pick
4. Arthur Jones, Syracuse – 5th round pick
5. DeMarcus Granger, Oklahoma – undrafted

Inside linebackers
1. Brandon Spikes, Florida – 2nd round pick
2. Joe Pawelek, Baylor – undrafted
3. Clinton Snyder, Stanford – undrafted
4. Micah Johnson, Kentucky – undrafted
5. Reggie Carter, UCLA -undrafted

Outside linebackers
1. Sean Weatherspoon, Missouri – 1st round pick
2. Mark Herzlich, Boston College – (returned to school due to illness)
3. Antonio Coleman, Auburn – undrafted
4. Rico McCoy, Tennessee – undrafted
5. Sergio Kindle, Texas – 2nd round pick

1. Trevard Lindley, Kentucky – 4th round pick
2. Myron Lewis, Vanderbilt – 3rd round pick
3. Alterraun Verner, UCLA – 4th round pick
4. Patrick Robinson, Florida State – 2nd round pick
5. Kyle Wilson, Boise St. – 1st round pick

1. Taylor Mays, USC – 2nd round pick
2. Kam Chancellor, Virginia Tech – 5th round pick
3. Myron Rolle, Florida State – 6th round pick
4. Justin Woodall, Alabama – undrafted
5. Jordan Lake, Baylor – undrafted

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