Jeff Ireland and Dez Bryant Won't Go Away

Jeff Ireland and Dez Bryant Won't Go Away


Jeff Ireland and Dez Bryant Won't Go Away

Can this story go away? Please? It is unfortunate that there will never be any closure. Bryant’s sticking to his story. So is Ireland (who, for the record, apologized). Bryant’s mom wants an apology. We officially close the book on the disturbing story right now (until the Cowboys meet the Dolphins in the preseason and until the Jets sweep the Dolphins this year):

Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland: “Dez, what did your father do for a living?”
Wide receiver Dez Bryant: “Pimp.”
Ireland: “Your mother?”
Bryant: “She worked for my father.”
Ireland: “She was a prostitute?”
Bryant: “No, she helped him with other stuff.”

In this capacity, we still don’t see the value in the question except to demean the kid who’s already had a rough life. The logical retort: “In what capacity did she work for him?” Going with the prostitute line is so degrading. [Lebatard; Globe]

Enjoy the Cavs beating the Celtics by 20 tonight, and the first quarter of Spurs-Suns. We’d go out on a short branch and take the Suns … but who can guard George Hill? Nobody. [Note: When looking at the box scores in the AM, there will be a G Hill in each starting lineup! Neat.]

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