Your NBA Finals Predictions Go Here

Your NBA Finals Predictions Go Here


Your NBA Finals Predictions Go Here

For the stat lovers:
* Phil Jackson’s Bulls and Lakers teams that win game one have never lost a playoff series. That’s 47-0.
* Season series: Lakers won 90-89 in Boston in January on a late Kobe jumper; Boston won 87-86 in LA in February but Kobe didn’t play.
* 2008 Finals: Celtics won in six. Boston clinched it with a 39-point rout at home and the Lakers’ team bus was pelted with rocks.

Something to keep in mind – the 2-3-2 format means Boston will likely have to win one or two on the road. LA is unbeaten at Staples this postseason. And then there’s the matter of Kobe, who is going for title No. 5, which would leave him one behind …

We’ll go with the Lakers in six, and Kobe as MVP.

As a reminder, the Lakers were almost universally the pick in 2008. (Here are 9 of 10 ESPN pundits picking the Lakers.) [Photo: Icon]

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