Baseball Investigating Oliver Perez's Latest DL Stint

Baseball Investigating Oliver Perez's Latest DL Stint


Baseball Investigating Oliver Perez's Latest DL Stint

On Saturday the Mets placed starting pitcher Ollie Perez on the 15-day disabled list. Major League Baseball will review Perez’s medical records because the the move comes at a very peculiar time. Perez has been struggling and – if healthy – would probably be headed for a stint in AAA.

Perez, who is under contract to earn $12 million dollars this season, was removed from the Mets’ starting rotation after failing to pitch into the fifth inning in consecutive starts on May 9 and 14. He was 0-3 with a 5.94 ERA at the time of the move to the bullpen.

The Mets wanted to send Ollie down, but he has a stipulation in his contract that says he has to approve the move. While the league might not be buying it, Jerry Manuel is.

“This, purely, is Oliver Perez. Oliver Perez came in and said his knee is bothering him,” Manuel said. “I’ve been [with the Mets] for a number of years and the integrity of those men [in the front office] has not wavered when it comes to these situations.”

Sounds like Ollie is pulling a George Costanza. Rumor has it he’s been walking around the Mets club house kicking people and telling them that he hit his knee on a door and his leg has been doing that ever since.


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