Yardwork: Carlos Silva's March to History and the Phillies Can't Score Again

Yardwork: Carlos Silva's March to History and the Phillies Can't Score Again


Yardwork: Carlos Silva's March to History and the Phillies Can't Score Again

Cubs 6, Pirates 1: Carlos Silva allowed a run over seven innings en route to becoming the first Chicago Cubs starter to go 8-0 since left-hander Ken Holtzman was 9-0 in 1967. Does that snippet of information say something remarkably sad about the Cubs, the ease of the NL, or both? Give credit where credit is due though, because the portly fella managed to pitch well while dealing with a case of the runs that forced several bathroom visits throughout the course of the game. But the most impressive nugget from this battle is that the attendance at PNC Park was reportedly around 3,000 with just 141 people in the upper deck and “the crowd was so quiet at times, individual conversations could be heard in the stands.” Amazing.

This is certainly worth a laugh once a year:

Padres 3, Phillies 1: Cole Hamels had a no-no going into seventh when it was loudly broken up by back-to-back homers. He was promptly booed. Gotta love that unwavering home crowd. The Phillies are 4-11 in their last 15 games, averaging 1.9 runs per games and batting .211 over that span. What. The. Fuck. I can’t figure out why they suck.

Angels 4, A’s 2: That makes six straight wins for the Angels who are now back atop the clunky AL West. Let’s hear it for closer Brian Fuentes who hasn’t blown a save in his last three appearances.

Mariners 4, Rangers 2: Cliff Lee went the distance on the road in Texas, giving up two runs and striking out nine. A nice audition for his many trade suitors. He’d look great in pinstripes, that much we know. Sadly, he’ll end up getting rented for a couple months and then sign a monster deal with Boston in the offseason.

Dodgers 12, Cardinals 4: Blake DeWitt drove in five runs and went yard for the first time this season. Rookie Carlos Monasterios got the win and improved to 3-0. He’s the starter filling in for Vicente Padilla, who is on the DL with an injured brain.

Red Sox 4, Indians 1: Is Dice-K back on track (8 IP, 4 H, 0 ER) or do the Indians blow more than originally thought? The notoriously slow working, painful-to-watch starter only walked two guys, which is pretty much as close to a perfect game as he’ll ever get. And enough of this Yankees/Rays talk as if the division is simply a two-team race. Boston is in this one for the duration. Let’s not kid ourselves.

Sooooooo … predictions for Strasburg’s debut against the Pirates tonight? The Bucs will be playing in front of a packed house at Nationals Park, so they won’t know what the hell is going on. My guess – 7 IP, 4 H, 1 ER, 2 BB, 7 K and at least six awkward boners popped during the Baseball Tonight broadcast.

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