Yardwork: Lady Gaga, Middle Finger, Mets. Plus, Kenny Williams vs Ozzie Guillen

Yardwork: Lady Gaga, Middle Finger, Mets. Plus, Kenny Williams vs Ozzie Guillen


Yardwork: Lady Gaga, Middle Finger, Mets. Plus, Kenny Williams vs Ozzie Guillen

Florida 2, Philadelphia 0: In a pitchers’ duel, Josh Johnson defeated Roy Halladay. We rested Jorge Cantu in fantasy last night, figuring he couldn’t solve Halladay. Naturally, Cantu had a sac fly in the first. Selita Ebanks kinda, sorta, may have responded to the rumors about her and Ryan Howard.

Kenny Williams vs. Ozzie Guillen: According to the Sun-Times, “general manager Ken Williams and manager Ozzie Guillen ‘almost came to blows in a heated shouting match’ on Tuesday evening because of the draft fallout of Guillen’s youngest son, Ozney.” After drafting Ozney, Guillen said, “I give my kid 50 grand just to go to school [at the University of South Florida rather than sign with the Sox]. I got 50 grand in my pocket to send my kid to go to Niketown or buy something.” Kenny Williams, the GM who built the 2005 World Series winners, apparently didn’t like that.

Baltimore 4, New York Yankees 3: The defending World Series champs felt bad and threw Baltimore a bone. Don’t you feel sorry for those guys? They’re now second class citizens in their own region, as nobody cares about the floundering mess that Peter Angelos built. It’s all about Strasburg.

[On the real … yeah, we’re fans of Lady Gaga’s work. Especially this song. She was at Citi Field yesterday to watch the Mets and Padres. Photo via Getty.]

Cincinnati 8, San Francisco 7: The Reds hammered former juicer (and occasional head hunter) Guillermo Mota for three runs in the bottom of the eighth to pick up a nice win and move 1.5 games ahead of the sputtering Cardinals in the Central. St. Louis has lost four in a row. Arthur Rhodes got the win … who knew that old cat (he’s 40!) was still in the league? And now, a question: Favorite Cincinnati Red of all-time, Chris Sabo or Eric Davis? Don’t say Barry Larkin. And please don’t mention that cheater Pete Rose.

Cleveland 8, Boston 7: The Red Sox led 5-0 after two innings, and then 7-6 heading into the bottom of the ninth following an Adrian Beltre 2-run blast in the top of the inning. Then, highly-touted reliever Daniel Bard blew it in the bottom of the ninth. Bard was filling in for closer Jon Papelbon (nee, Spencer Pratt), who’s out on the “bereavement/family medical emergency list.” Bard’s lucky the Celtics won last night, and nobody will pay any attention to this result.

Houston 5, Colorado 4: The Astros have won eight of 10. Too bad they play the Yankees this weekend. And they won’t have the services of Roy Oswalt, who picked up the win last night. Reality’s a bitch.

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