Yardwork: David Price Keeps Winning, Halladay Bows Out of Cy Young Race

Yardwork: David Price Keeps Winning, Halladay Bows Out of Cy Young Race


Yardwork: David Price Keeps Winning, Halladay Bows Out of Cy Young Race

Yankees 8, Phillies 3: Kind of an unexpected win from the pinstripe perspective considering Doc has pretty much owned the World Champs for years. It’s always been a struggle to get even one or two across, so for the Yanks to touch him up for six runs in six innings is a bit of a gift. Halladay falls to 8-5 on the season, just 8 wins shy of an incredibly disappointing Phillie campaign. Knee-jerk? You’re a jerk. Wait, what? Who sucks?

Rays 10, Braves 4: He only went five innings but David Price improved his record to an impressive 10-2. The Rays should be commended for the splendid job they’ve done in the “massage-the-starters-balls-at-every-turn” department. That’s crucial when it comes to the complicated development of a young pitcher. So who’s in charge of the young pitchers down there? I know a team that needs his business card.

Dodgers 12, Reds 0: There’s no way around this one – Aaron Harang (4.1 IP 5 ER) was atrocious. Manny, the most forgotten man in baseball, was 3 for 4 with 4 RBIs and a home run. He’s lurking and will be remembered. Consider yourself warned.

Tigers 7, Nationals 4: It’s been quite awhile since we’ve discussed the Tigers, hasn’t it? Judging by all of your enthusiastically dead faces, it appears you could care less. But anyway, Max Scherzer somehow improved to 3-6. We should all clap right now. No, seriously. Scherzer has given Detroit two straight quality starts. Clap. Now.

Mets 7, Indians 6: Here’s a new one. Santana sucked (by his standards) and won. When he’s owning the opposing lineup, the Mets take their kick ball and go home. When he’s not, their bats get boners. They really hate this dude.

White Sox 6, Pirates 4: I know it’s the Pirates, but Freddy Garcia is now 7-3. Kind of horrifying, no? Somewhere in the world, someone with actual mechanics dies.

Twins 9, Rockies 3: Of his 13 starts this season, Carl Pavano has gone at least seven innings or more in 10 of those outings. The guy can pitch, he just finds things like Joel Sherman’s glamor perm to be a bit much. Can’t say I blame him.

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