ESPN and the NHL Reunited By 3D HDTV?

ESPN and the NHL Reunited By 3D HDTV?


ESPN and the NHL Reunited By 3D HDTV?

Right now, the NHL is relegated to Versus and NBC. ESPN hasn’t had hockey since the Bush administration. (It all comes back to W!) What could possibly reunite these two Goliaths of the sports world? How about Three-Dimensional, High Definition Television.

First, I want to say that I like Versus. NBC is cool too. The NHL even does OK on those channels. I’m sure some hockey fans will tell us just how well the NHL is doing on those channels in the comments below. With the NHL’s popularity on the rise the logical next step is to head back to ESPN. See, that’s where the big boys play. Baseball, college football, the NBA and NFL, they all have a home on ESPN. That’s just the way the world works.

Enter 3D HDTV. ESPN started using the third dimension earlier this year, but they don’t really have anything to show it off with. From Home Theater Review:

So for people with a 3D set and a feed from the likes of DirecTV, Comcast and/or AT&T U-verse – you can get an early look at what the video companies are betting will be the future of television. ESPN and Sony have more content coming, including the MLB Home Run Derby and college football. They were showing content from this year’s Master’s golf tournament as well. For 3D to be successful they have to overcome many issues but more important that the tech issues, the service provider issues, and issues with the 3D glasses is the lack of content – and sports is the easiest, cheapest, most popular solution.

Hockey could be the answer.

ESPN could use the volumes of content that hockey can bring to the table, especially with ESPN3 online content, ESPN2 running fishing shows and ESPN 3D starving for unique, meaningful content.

Sounds good. Now I just need to get rid of these pesky LCD and Plasma screens. Anybody want them before I throw them out?

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