"Purple Drank"

"Purple Drank"


"Purple Drank"

Ever heard of “purple drank?” Before Germany destroyed England this morning, Outside the Lines chronicled how the concoction is gaining popularity among athletes. The story centers around the 2008 felony drug charge against Packers’ lineman, Johnny Jolly. Police found a Styrofoam cup filled with liquid and ice when they pull Jolly over. That liquid turned out to be a mixture of prescription cough syrup, Sprite and Jolly Ranchers.

Did anyone else forget about this? That sounds delicious.

And illegal, of course. Drugs are bad. Got that, kids? Anyway, a snippet from ESPN.com.

Now, I’m sure this joke has been made before, but is Purple Drank the purple stuff in the Sunny Delight commercial?

[jsonline, ESPN, Jolly via Getty]

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