LeBron James Should Play For ... Thoughts From Celebrities, Politicians, Musicians and Athletes

LeBron James Should Play For ... Thoughts From Celebrities, Politicians, Musicians and Athletes


LeBron James Should Play For ... Thoughts From Celebrities, Politicians, Musicians and Athletes

A good metric for how saturated a news story is getting is the degree to which public figures who lack an apparent insight on the subject garner headlines for merely offering their perspective. It happens every year with the Super Bowl, when sports and news sites survey celebrities for their predictions of the games. It usually happens with March Madness and it’s happening again with the LeBron James free agency. Politicians, celebrities, musicians, have lined up to offer their opinions on where LeBron should go. And like the American culture matrix itself, they’ve ranged from idiotic to intelligent.


David Letterman: “You’re a guy, and I’m a guy. If LeBron James wants to be a guy, he will stay where he is and not cut the heart out of that city, by leaving Cleveland.”

Chris Rock, in defense of New York: “You really want to live in Cleveland? That’s what I would tell him. Where do you want to live?”

James Gandolfini: “First things first, LeBron I would like you to come to New York, if you could. If you miss Cleveland, you just have to drive across the bridge to New Jersey, it’s pretty much the same thing.”

Julianne Moore: “It would make everyone in my house happy, and I think it would be great for the Knicks.”


Serena Williams: “I think he should stay in Cleveland because he’s from Ohio. He’s built such a great franchise there with the Cavaliers. So many people watch them. Obviously I like Miami but I think it’s cool that he stays in Cleveland.”

Jason Terry: “So you better say you’re in it for a championship and you’re in it for the money. Cleveland gives you the best opportunity for both, so I think LeBron is staying home.”

Osi Umenyiora: Personally, I think he should stay in Cleveland. They need him and he’s a Cleveland guy. It would be great to have him in New York but I think he should stay there.”


Chuck D: “Minneapolis fans aren’t mad at Kevin Garnett when he left. They were like, ‘He gave his all for 12 years.’ He did his thing and they still root for him. That’s how LeBron should leave Cleveland. He hasn’t given his all. He’s only 25. He’s got to keep working at it.”

Chamillionaire: “LeBron James is staying in Cleveland. They saying he’s going to Chicago and all these [other teams] but I think he’s gonna stay in Cleveland and do the right thing–win them a championship. It’s pretty tempting to go and make some super team somewhere else but if he do that and he lose, it ain’t gonna be a good look.”

WILL.I.AM – “If he came to L.A. and made the Clippers the bomb…wow, no one would ever think of doing that shit!”

Bow Wow – “First and foremost, you gotta consider Cleveland because this is where you grew up. Your family and your friends are here and you’re the man of this city … If he wants to do better than Michael, he has the chance to do it with Cleveland because at one point they were a terrible team, like the Bulls were before Michael got there. So to be from Ohio and to bring it back would be dope.”


Michael Bloomberg (Mayor of NYC): “I think it would be great for New York if he would come here. If he calls me and asks what it’s like to live in New York, I’ll give him a big sales pitch for New York … My kids love living in New York … I think LeBron James would love living in New York. It is the world’s greatest stage.”

Corey Booker (Mayor of Newark): “It’s a city that’s starving, hungry, for NBA basketball. There’s an excitement and an energy here… I like new challenges, so if I’m going to play basketball anyplace I’d go to a team like the Nets, where you can really show that you can take a team from worst to first.”

Sen. Robert Menendez (D – N.J.): “Hoping to see LeBron in Nets uni playing in Newark. Sold-out games, winning team & media buzz would have huge econ impact on the community.”

Rep. Peter Roksam (R- Ill.): “Bring on LeBron! Plus, the money he brings to Chicagoland will almost certainly create more jobs than the stimulus package ever did.”

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D – NY): “LeBron is a major talent so I assume he wants to go to the only true major league city.”

Donald Trump: “He would take over the city. I am in many different cities, but I can tell you, LeBron, there is only one New York.”

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