Summer Movies: Seen Anything Good Lately?

Summer Movies: Seen Anything Good Lately?


Summer Movies: Seen Anything Good Lately?

We’re a third of the way through the summer and we’ve seen some blockbusters open and some big name films flop. I figured everyone might be up for a movie chat so we can get away from the you-know-who posts that even I have helped push. Sorry about that. Now, who’s going to see Predators with me tonight?

Inception – Christopher Nolan made The Dark Knight. Leo is Leo. It’ll be nice to see Ellen Page play someone I don’t hate again.

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World -I have not read the source material, but I’m in the bag for Edgar Wright. Spaced, Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz are three of my favorite things ever.

Winnebago Man – Looks to be a thoroughly awesome documentary.

The Other Guys – Could be funny, I guess. It’ll probably be funny in the theater, then you’ll see it once on DVD and be done with it.

Step Up 3-D – Instant classic. I just hope it remains true to its predecessors.

Piranha 3-D – A self-aware horror film with Adam Scott and friend of the blog, Jerry O’Connell. This is going to be a fun-bad movie. Probably not worth spending money on in the theater, but I can see myself getting drunk with some friends and loving this film. Also, Kelly Brook and Riley Steele.

Dinner for Schmucks – Looking forward to it.

Vampires Suck – I hate the idiots that keep making these half-assed spoofs.

The Expendables – If its as badass as Rambo… Please let it be that awesome. This is the crown jewel of my summer movie list. It can’t come out soon enough.

In Theaters Now:
Twilight: Eclipse – My roommate has now seen all three Twilight movies. Oy.

The Last Airbender – Supposed to be utter shit. What a surprise.

Toy Story 3 – I think I saw the original. I don’t have kids and I’m way too old to see it otherwise.

Cyrus -This movie looks dark and hilarious. Doubt it’ll play anywhere near… anywhere though.

Get Him To The Greek – Saw it and thought it was great. Wonder if Russell Brand can play anyone besides Russell Brand. I wouldn’t if I were him. Being Russell Brand gets you Katy Perry.

Grown Ups – A cornerstone of any good NBA post-season is a good movie.

Chick Flick Reference – Because I am me.

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