"ALCOHOL ON US" - 20-Year-Old Cashmere Wright

"ALCOHOL ON US" - 20-Year-Old Cashmere Wright


"ALCOHOL ON US" - 20-Year-Old Cashmere Wright


Cincinnati Bearcat Cashmere Wright tweeted earlier this week about a pool party. The party was supposed to take place last night. If you planned on attending you needed to RSVP and bring a food item. The tweet ended with “ALCOHOL ON US.”  Rush The Court got a screen grab before the tweet was deleted. It was probably removed because someone reminded Wright that he wasn’t of legal drinking age.Wright turns 21 in January. Rush The Court goes through the motions of “this doesn’t necessarily mean he intends to consume alcohol illegally.” Legally, I shall do the same. This doesn’t mean Wright intended to drink alcohol as an underage person.

It’s not up to me say whether its right or wrong. It is up to me to say that its a dumb thing to tweet about. When I was in college everyone still used AIM. We would put stuff about drinking in our away messages. Not the smartest idea if your R.A. has your screen name. I remember hearing stories about people getting cracked for alcohol violations based on Facebook photos.

Incidents like this are only going to happen more often as technology continues to take over our lives. As great as the internet is, its here to ruin the good times of people like you, me and Cashmere. Also, don’t blast Simple Plan out your dorm window when you’re playing beer pong at 8pm on a Sunday. And if you do, check the peep hole before you open the door to the first person that knocks, Ben.

[Rush The Court, Image via Getty]

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