Yardwork: Vicente Padilla Dazzles, A-Rod Launches No. 600

Yardwork: Vicente Padilla Dazzles, A-Rod Launches No. 600


Yardwork: Vicente Padilla Dazzles, A-Rod Launches No. 600

Dodgers 9, Padres 0: It’s rare that a Dodgers-Padres game earns the top spot, and it’s even more infrequent that the reason for featuring such a tilt would be due to the performance of Vicente Padilla. But when Vin Scully finishes a game with, “a tremendous performance by Vicente Padilla,” you tend to feel obligated. Those words might never be uttered again. Unless of course Vinnie crosses paths with a hooker who has a penchant for doing play-by-play voice in lieu of the traditional post-sex cigarette. The 32-year-old Nicaraguan took a no-no into the seventh and ended up allowing just two hits while striking out nine in his complete game gem. What does this mean for the Dodgers? Nothing, they’re done.

Yankees 5, Blue Jays 1: 600 is here! Haven’t seen this anywhere else yet, but last night on the MLB Network one of the panelists – Harold or Millar – mentioned that A-Rod referred to a sitdown with Jeter after Tuesday night’s game as the trigger to a relaxed approach in yesterday’s game. Of course. Weird: He hit his 600th homer on the anniversary of his 500th.

Twins 2, Rays 1 (13 innings): David Price (7 IP, 1 ER) and Scott Baker (8 IP, 0 ER) were both awesome, but it seems rather appropriate that Delmon Young – who tried to catch a fly ball with his knee – would come up with the game-winning base hit. He’s having a career year, batting .330 with 14 home runs and 82 RBIs. And since we’re here, this is always fun.

Rockies 6, Giants 1: Where has Ubaldo been? He’s slightly, slightly come back to earth of late but last night he was back to his dominant form, winning his 17th. I wonder how he’ll feel when he finishes 20-3 with a 2.55 ERA and a 1.10 WHIP and doesn’t win the Cy Young. I’m guessing shitty.

White Sox 4, Tigers 1: Edwin Jackson got the start against one of his many former teams. He scattered nine hits over seven innings, allowing just one run. Anyone who didn’t see a solid start coming from Jackson has been hanging out with David Lyons and Wally Karue for far too long:

Braves 8, Mets 3: Let’s take this one to the bottom of the fifth. After intentionally walking Eric Hinske to loaded the bases, Mike Pelfrey hits Matt Diaz. These are your 2010 New York Metropolitans.

Cardinals 8, Astros 4: The J.A. Happ era in Houston is off to a promising start. He weaved his way through one inning of work, allowing a quiet six hits and seven runs. Not too shabby.

Reds 9, Pirates 4: A six-run seventh inning is what you expect from a feisty division leader. Jose Rijo and Chris Sabo applaud.

Athletics 4, Royals 3: Rather than waste air time showing highlights of this one, the MLB Network showed a clip of two dudes playing Baseball Stars.

Cubs 15, Brewers 3: The Cubs get sweet redemption after allowing 26 hits to the Brew Crew on Monday night. Season saved.

Rangers 11, Mariners 6: As per usual, Mariners starter Doug Fister took it up the tailpipe.

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