The Roundup: Cowboys Beat Bengals, Joe Schad's Wedding Photos & Nick Saban Talks Texas

The Roundup: Cowboys Beat Bengals, Joe Schad's Wedding Photos & Nick Saban Talks Texas


The Roundup: Cowboys Beat Bengals, Joe Schad's Wedding Photos & Nick Saban Talks Texas

Lea Michele from Glee … not the kind of fraternity sex abuse case you’d expect …Corbin Bernsen and his movie crew got into a bar fight …great blog name: Corporate Douchebaggery … if robbing a drug dealer, make sure you don’t have a face tattoo … London taxi drivers are the best … “Great-grandmother disputes porn bill” … life was much more simple in 1939 … more teacher-student relations (yes, those kind) … “11-year-old accused in father’s death” … this Ground Zero mosque story continues to annoy us … a deflation sign, right? …  “Superman Comic Saves Family Home From Foreclosure” … after her bike was stolen, she found it on Craigslist and the cops helped her get it back …

Was Dallas 16, Cincinnati 7 a Super Bowl preview? Of course not. Bengals? No way. [Morning News]

There’s hope for Spurrier and the Cocks – thanks to the promise of highly-touted running back Marcus Lattimore. [Post & Courier]

Obviously, Rick Pitino has to win to distance himself from the Sypher mess, but how much of a factor will the fans of the eight catholic schools in the Big East be? [Fox Sports]

ESPN’s Joe Schad got married recently. He tweeted his wedding photos. Here they are. [Raw Photo Design]

Tina Thompson is your new WNBA career leading scorer, having overtaken Lisa Leslie yesterday. [LA Times]

We’ll hammer Tiger later, but Phil Mickelson’s round of 78 yesterday deserves scorn, as well. [Wei Under Par]

Whitlock still totally hearts Jeff George. [Fox Sports]

How long have we been hearing this, four years? []

Two Tennessee Vols’ defensive lineman have already gone down with Achilles’ injuries. [Times Free Press]

That’s anger: “Tice allegedly made several threats to kill the police officers involved in the investigation, both during her arrest and while being processed at police headquarters. She also screamed that she was going to defecate in an interview room and hurl feces at the officers, and also indicated she was going to have an abortion so she could claim she had a miscarriage due to the way she was handled following her arrest, according to police.” [Star-Ledger]

Do you care what Playmate Lisa Neeld knows about baseball? Sure you do. [Paneech]

“Don’t believe everything ESPN tells you” blares a headline. Caution: It is Favre-related. [National Football Post]

Here’s a Q&A with Dick Enberg. Enter obligatory ‘Oh My!’ [LA Times]

Largest player in college football? Ole Miss has a 6-foot-11, 390-pound walk-on offensive tackle. [Ledger]

Accusation: Woman “working as a stripper while collecting workers’ compensation benefits.” [Inquirer]

NJ high school adopts new grade policy – students cannot get a D. [NYT]

At least he didn’t get hurt.

Great video for college football geeks – how Nick Saban prepared for the Texas offense in the title game. Helped that Colt McCoy was gone, obviously. [Smart Football]

Did we really forget to post this video last week? Well, it was a swell grab. [via Hot Clicks]

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