Paul Daugherty Seems Upset With Colin Cowherd For Blasting Joey Votto

Paul Daugherty Seems Upset With Colin Cowherd For Blasting Joey Votto


Paul Daugherty Seems Upset With Colin Cowherd For Blasting Joey Votto

Joey Votto of the Reds is not only an MVP candidate, but he’s actually a triple crown contender – 2nd in batting average by .001, 2nd in homers by three, and 3rd in RBI by eight. (The problem, of course, is that Pujols is tied for the lead in homers and leads in RBI.) At any rate, Colin Cowherd said something about Votto the other day, and the Enquirer’s Paul Daughtery took exception to said comments.

Cowherd deals in big names, big cities, big teams. He sees himself as a big-time guy. Here in Fraudville, we deal in who’s winning and who’s in first place.

The problem isn’t that Cowherd is dissing the Reds. Really, so what? Put Cowherd in a lineup with a gorilla and three donkeys, you’d need 3 guesses to pick him out. The issue is the arrogance that screams that if you’re not NY/Bsn/LA, you’re nobody. You are condescended to, by a guy who sits in a glass booth, throwing stones. And of course by the network that pays him.

And here’s where it gets really fun:

I’ve worked in big markets: Dallas. New York. I turned down the LA Times twice. I write a weekly column for I like being a “local hack” as Cowherd put it. If my ego and insecurity required a big market presence, I’d never have left NY. Or I’d be in LA now. Some people don’t tie their identities to what they do. I don’t have to live here; I choose to. It’s a great place to live, far better than metro NY or suburban Dallas, far less complicated than Los Angeles.

I say this not to justify my existence, but to point out what a shallow, uninformed guy Colin Cowherd really is.

(Never met Daughtery, but read him plenty, and we’re somewhat shocked he’s pass up living in LA to stay in Ohio. Then again, a sports writer’s salary goes significantly further in the Buckeye State, so that could be part of the equation.)

The shallow and uninformed part? We would have used two significantly more offensive words back in 2007 when he knocked us off the grid for a minute (yes, yes, we know – in the long run, it was a good thing). []

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