Jason Whitlock Airs KC Star's Dirty Laundry, Heads To FOX Sports

Jason Whitlock Airs KC Star's Dirty Laundry, Heads To FOX Sports


Jason Whitlock Airs KC Star's Dirty Laundry, Heads To FOX Sports

We knew Whitlock was leaving the Kansas City Star and now we know why. In an exclusive rant/interview/call-in session with 610 Sports Radio (What’s Wright With Nick Wright) in Kansas City, Whitlock unloaded on many of his former employers. In case you missed it, I listened to almost the entire thing – including when the radio station cut the mic and went to break mid-sentence. [Listen to the entire interview here.]

A string of sports editors that didn’t mesh well with Whitlock culminating in Mike Fannin turning over the sports section to Holly Lawton. The conflict came to a head when the duo (Fannin/Lawton) refused to publish a reference to a Yahoo! Sports column about the Pump brothers ticket scalping controversy. That was the last time he wrote sports for the KC Star.

He had an editor that took him to Chili’s every Friday for lunch. While he ate lunch the editor told him that no one cared about him or wanted to read him. To use Whitlock’s words, he told him that “he sucked.” I didn’t catch the name of that editor.

You won’t see him writing for a newspaper again anytime soon, if ever.

Whitlock says he loves Kansas City and he wanted to be a part of the Star for a long time. KC will still be one of his homes. He’s got enough money to have a house there and in LA. Good money for typing while wearing handcuffs apparently.

Whitlock tried to pitch a vision of the KC Star with him as the sports editor. They seemed interested, but that fell apart.

He referenced the interview he did with TBL a few years back. The nice things he said about Fannin in that interview were lies because he was trying to get someone else to lure Fannin away at the time.

He’ll now be headed to FOX Sports full time where he’ll earn over $2 million over the next three years.

He wore a #39 Ball State jersey. This was not apparent on the radio.

The show was catered.

They came back from a break talking about Tech N9ne and rap music. What did that have to do with anything? No one knows, but it was definitely the least interesting part of the 3 hours.

Jeff George was a special guest that called in during the third hour. Seriously. Jeff George. His entire phone call echoed. He was either calling from a cave somewhere or his radio was blasting in the background. Either way, wow. Of course, Jeff George called in.

Yes, there were references to The Wire. We shall see how his wake goes.

[Hat tip to Andy Hutchins, Image via FOX Sports]

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