Yardwork: Ortiz's Triple, Michael Jordan's 30-For-30

Yardwork: Ortiz's Triple, Michael Jordan's 30-For-30


Yardwork: Ortiz's Triple, Michael Jordan's 30-For-30

Boston 5, Toronto 0: David Ortiz hit a triple. No matter what you think about the Red Sox or his eye drops, it has to just warm the cockles of your heart to see him hit a triple. In related news, I’ll be in Boston this weekend for UFC 118. Who wants to take me out to lunch on Friday?

Detroit 8, Cleveland 1: Justin Verlander had a very strong game striking out 8 and giving up 7 hits over 8 innings of work. Whenever I think about Detroit, I’m reminded of how much I loved Miguel Cabrera when he was with the Fish.

New York Yankees 10, Seattle 0: There’s no way to verify this statistic, but the Yankees are supposedly 12-0 when A-Rod isn’t in the lineup. Those number are heavy on the side of fraud.

Houston 2, Florida 1: It was a valiant effort by the Marlins in a rough 1-run loss. Had I watched the game, I’m sure I would have lived and died with each pitch.

Texas 6, Baltimore 4: Josh Hamilton went 2-4 with a home-run. It was a majestic home-run. Look how far that ball traveled.

Philadelphia 6, Washington 0: These are two historic cities. Stephen Strarsbug did not pitch so you probably don’t care. Unless you’re a Philadelphia fan. In that case, suck it. You’re a slightly less annoying fan base than New York. So, yeah.

Pittsburgh 2, New York Meterbockers 1: Days after the Pirates extended their historic awfulness, they beat the Mets. Fitting, but that kind of thing happens. Lastings Milledge and Jose Tabata both homered off Johan.

Kansas City 3, ChiSox 2, OT: At a trivia night on Friday a question was to name the last 3 AL Cy Young winners. I blanked on Grienke. It didn’t really matter since we ended up losing by 200 points, but still. In White Sox news, tomorrow night, Jordan Rides The Bus premiers.

San Diego 7, Milwaukee 3: Ryan Braun played well. We were all very impressed at the Elks lodge.

St. Louis 9, San Francisco 0: Jamie Garcia had a complete game 3-hitter.

Atlanta 16, Chicago Cubs 5: Omar Infante and Jason Heyward combined to go 8-10 with 8 runs, 8 RBIs and 4 homers.

Tampa 3, Oakland 2: Neither Matt Garza nor Dallas Barden threw a no-hitter yesterday.

Cincinnati 5, LA Dodgers 2: Since I know there is no one that cares about this game I’ll talk about Dinosaur Barbeque. Cot damn is that place awesome. Wings and pulled pork… Mac and cheese that tastes like what I assume they serve in Heaven.

Colorado 1, Arizona 0: Of course, Aaron Heilman gave up the deciding run. He used to play for the Mets.

Minnesota 4, LAA of A 0: Looks like I forgot to pretend to write something about this game. Let’s take a survey, where do you think Tim Ryan is this morning?

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