2010 Fantasy Football Running Back Rankings: Whose Stock is Rising/Falling?

2010 Fantasy Football Running Back Rankings: Whose Stock is Rising/Falling?


2010 Fantasy Football Running Back Rankings: Whose Stock is Rising/Falling?

Most fantasy web sites have updated their rankings in the past week or so. So we did too. Here’s the complete updated rankings list (update exceptions are Sports Illustrated, Yahoo!/Fantasy Guru and Fantasy FanPlay).

There were no overall changes inside the top 10 since last week but there was plenty of shuffling in the 10s, 20s and 30s. In most cases, the shifts represent significant trends that are worth knowing about heading into your draft.

Stock Rising

  • Cedric Benson moves up a spot to 11th, passing over Shonn Greene. The reason you haven’t heard much of him is two-fold: The Batman and Robin show in Cincinnati has dominated attention and he’s been very solid, so there’s no question that he’ll once again be a major contributor. He’s a very safe RB1 pick.
  • C.J. Spiller is still on the outside fringe of RB2 rankings, but he’s moving up steadily. Marshawn Lynch and Fred Jackson are banged up and Spiller ran wild in their absence in the 2nd preseason game.  It’s advised to avoid most Bills players this year, but Spiller might be the exception.
  • Arian Foster saw the most rapid ascension in the rankings, going from 39th to 32nd. He’s now the clear-cut starter in Houston and if you’re able to grab him as 32nd back off the board in your draft, you are getting away with robbery. He has top-15 potential written all over him (Walter Football has him ranked 17th in his updated list).

Stock Falling

  • News that Thomas Jones is hanging around the conversation for Kansas City’s starting RB hurt Jamaal Charles‘ value, who moved a spot down to 15th. For all of his upside, Charles will be limited this season in what looks like a Running Back By Committee situation.
  • Brandon Jacobs dropped two spots to 25th as Ahmad Bradshaw continues to outperform in the preseason. Bradshaw has all the momentum heading into week 1 but the third preseason game will be a big indication of Tom Coughlin uses the two backs in the season.
  • Darren McFadden slipped from 41st to 44th and the only thing keeping him relevant is the Raider’s insistence on giving him every opportunity to start. Coach Tom Cable said he’ll start next game and play into the 3rd quarter.  Michael Bush is the far better back and the fantasy rankings reflect that (he’s 33rd)

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