90210 Day (September 02, 2010, Get It?)

90210 Day (September 02, 2010, Get It?)

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90210 Day (September 02, 2010, Get It?)


90210 day will happen once every 100 years, and to honor this glorious event, we celebrate with, of course, lists! Our favorite characters in the show’s history followed by five of our favorite moments (well, moments that we could find on the web).

1. Brandon. B Walsh. Organized “Donna Martin graduates.” Gambled. Played hoops.

2. Valerie. Hottest female in the show’s storied history. Vanessa Marcil is a strong contender, but the show was awful (but still watchable, of course) by the time she arrived.

3. David Silver. He dances! He raps along to Das Efx! In real life, he’s done well – dated three girls from the show (Tori Spelling, Tiffani Theissen, Vanessa Marcil) and is married to Megan Fox. He’s come a long way from the Hammer Pants. The hip-hop dancing starts at :25.

4. Steve Sanders. The license plate of his Corvette: I8A4RE. Cool. In real life? Married a Playmate. Got a divorce. Married a nurse … who could probably pass for a Playmate.

5. Kari Wuhrer. Counts as a fringe character and has no business being on this list, but we included her just so that we could link up the time she banged David Silver in a limo and Donna caught them. It’s a travesty that video can’t be embedded.

Before we get underway with video moments … an ode to John Sears, one of the great pricks in 90210 history.

At least watch until the :45 second mark, when Joe E. Tata chimes in with, “I don’t like that kid.” (Yes, we had to work in a Nat reference at some point in this post.)

Never liked Emily Valentine. But for reasons we can’t quite explain, this is probably our favorite moment in the show’s history. This episode alone – Valentine’s first – was an instant classic.

Easily the saddest moment in the show’s history. Dylan left the show at the end of this episode (and returned a few seasons later).

Dylan McKay in the first episode: “Mad, bad, and dangerous to know.” Sure, he looked like a 25-year-old playing a high school role, but so what?

The comedic value here is off the charts. Megan Fox was probably six when this episode aired.

RIP, Scott.

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