Coaches Brawl at Pee-Wee Football Game [Video]

Coaches Brawl at Pee-Wee Football Game [Video]


Coaches Brawl at Pee-Wee Football Game [Video]

Coaches brawled at a Pee-Wee football game in Texas recently, and if you want to see one of the biggest cheap shots ever delivered on a youth football field, fast forward to the 1:31 mark.

According to the Journal of Pearland,

The problems began with a rough block after the kickoff that sent a Hurricane player flying. Meanwhile the Patriots ran for a touchdown.

Witnesses say a fist fight between the two players then ensued on the field.

One of the coaches noticed the fight and jumped in to try and separate the boys.

Parents at the scene said the Patriots player involved was that coach’s son.

After that nasty forearm shiver at the 1:31 mark, you’ll see an athlete – 11-years-old according to CBS News – get between two coaches who are on the verge of throwing fists.

The real loser, of course, is the kids – both teams were banned from postseason play.

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