MLB Playoffs: Yankees vs. Twins, Game One

MLB Playoffs: Yankees vs. Twins, Game One


MLB Playoffs: Yankees vs. Twins, Game One

Don’t you love it when Game 1 of a series is deemed a “must win” game? Well in this case, it might actually be true for the defending World Champions. When you consider Andy Pettitte’s back issues and the rollercoaster that is Phil Hughes, it’s easy for any reasonably paranoid Yankee fan to feel that way. If CC doesn’t make it past the sixth inning tonight, there’s no question the Twins win the game. Going for Minnesota is Frank Liriano, who has allowed 12 runs in his last 13 1/3 innings pitched, so there’s that. Of the utmost importance, however, is the weather!

Even though it was 70 degrees in Minneapolis earlier today, expect to hear about the weather during the broadcast since the Twins now play outdoors, although I do have confidence that Ernie Johnson, Ron Darling and John Smoltz will be capable of expanding beyond such predictable, cliched yap.

I would complain that the game should be starting earlier than 8:37 pm, but that’s why we have Phil Mushnick. I’m quite sure he has already wrapped his scorched earth column around a missile and launched it in the general direction of Bird Selig’s nest.

You now have permission to start your chant of “Let’s Go Yankees, clap, clap, clap-clap-clap!”

On a random note, in honor of the greatest of the latest Haters Gonna Hate .gifs, here’s some more Vinnie Mac to take you into the night:

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