Giants Mojo Continues; Yanks Live Another Day

Giants Mojo Continues; Yanks Live Another Day


Giants Mojo Continues; Yanks Live Another Day

Giants 6, Phillies 5: The series that most people thought would be one-sided is turning out to be far and away the most exciting. The Giants ended up pulling out the win on Juan Uribe’s sac fly and judging from the video, that was one awesome sac fly. Speaking of awesome, of the 15 or so clips MLB is offering from last night, one of the best plays of the game – if not the best – isn’t there.

So I’m hoping most of you were fortunate enough to see Aaron Rowand’s throw and Buster Posey’s subsequent sick turn-and-tag to get Carlos Ruiz just before his foot reached home plate. [UPDATE: It’s there now!] And did anyone see Juan Uribe’s play in the ninth? I wonder why he didn’t run into the outfield, jump and then turn and dramatically throw it to first only to see the runner safe by a good five feet. Oh, only Jeter’s allowed to do that. I see. So why did Charlie Manuel use Roy Oswalt? Because he said he was ready to go. Love Charlie. As for tonight, all eyes – maybe even football fan’s eyes! – will be on Game 5, as we’re getting a Lincecum-Halladay rematch with the Phils facing elimination. Awesome.

Yankees 7, Rangers 2: CC managed to hold the Rangers to two runs despite allowing 11 hits and everyone in the Yankee lineup had at least one hit. Well, except for fat Lance, Marcus Thames and Brett Gardner. But are you really expecting that hellish trio to hit? I’d rather see CC get a hack or two than watch these guys struggle at the plate late in the innings. One stat that jumped out? No one in the Rangers lineup drew a walk. It’s a god damn miracle. Phil Hughes gets the ball in Game 6. I’m guessing he walks a few batters. If he gives up 11 hits like CC did, expect about 22 runs. Some worrisome news for Rangers fans: Nelson Cruz left the game with tightness in his left hamstring, the same left hamstring that caused him to miss 51 games. Is it time for Texas to shit their pants yet?

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