NFL Pigskin Pigsplosion Preview: Week 7

NFL Pigskin Pigsplosion Preview: Week 7


NFL Pigskin Pigsplosion Preview: Week 7

Concussions – how do they work? Man, did you hear that brain injuries are not good for people? Its true. Multiple brain injuries and you could end up like Steve Young or Troy Aikman. I don’t want to see James Harrison retire. I just want to see him punished when he does something like go helmet-to-helmet intentionally. All the space-aged equipment and rule changes in the world will never make football safe. And that’s why I love watching it.

Harrison is so bad that even Rick Reilly is writing about him. (“Don’t get me to the geek” LOL He’s still got it!) Obviously, Harrison is a jackass for his “I might retired” bullshit. Don’t lead with your helmet, dummy. Its against the rules. Of course, Harrison is right about people getting geeked up by big hits. Bigs hits are awesome. Sometimes people can’t help but go helmet-to-helmet. That kind of stuff happens in a game where giant, fast men run full speed at each other.

It didn’t really look like Dunte Robinson was trying to level DeSean Jackson with his helmet. He was definitely trying to level DeSean Jackson, but he didn’t have enough time to turn his head enough before contact was made. It happens every week. What else would you expect from such monsters? The extreme violence of football is what makes it so freaking beautiful.

I don’t want to see the violence stripped from the NFL, but I do want to see players fined and suspended when they do something that intentionally puts another player in jeopardy. Does that make any sense?

Giant Explosion!

No one was especially fraudy. Sure the Cowboys lost a game where Purple Jesus was held under 100 yards and Brett Favre only threw for 118 yards, but you can’t put that all on Tony Romo.

Pick’emsplosion’em and FanDuel
There are only a couple weeks left to win money or a trip to Vegas at FanDuel. Last week I found myself in the middle of the pack after two weeks of finishing in the bottom 10 of more than 600. Seriously, I hate fantasy football. Its a sickness that needs a cure.

Last week: 6-8 – I’m not very good at this and I really hope you’re doing the opposite of what I say and getting rich.

FALCONS (-3.5) over Bengals
I hate autoplay ads. I don’t like the one over there or the ones on I’ll be sitting there looking at stats and a car comes screeching by. Shut up.

BEARS (-2.5) over Redskins
“Go Bears!” I screamed on the walk to Giants Stadium.

Eagles (+3.5) over TITANS
Kerry Collins just finishes Tequila bottles.

CHIEFS (-5.5) over Jaguars
I hate that I always think of a team’s quarterback first.

Steelers (-3.5) over DOLPHINS
I thought the Ricky Williams 30 For 30 was kind of interesting. Remember that?

Browns (+13.5) over SAINTS

I totally knew that Peyton Hillis didn’t suck.

BUCS (-2.5) over Rams
No one is reading this anyway.

RAVENS (-13.5) over Bills
My roommate got quite nostalgic when Trent Edwards took the field for Jacksonville last week.

PANTHERS (+3.5) over 49ers
I really miss William Floyd. Dude was awesome.

SEAHAWKS (-5.5) over Cardinals
Spoiler Alert:

CHARGERS (-2.5) over Patriots
Somehow the Patriots are 4-1. Seems like they really suck this year.

BRONCOS (-6.5) over Raiders
Vikings (+2.5) over PACKERS
COWBOYS (-3.5) over Giants

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